Masaj Erotic VIP Fantezie

Sedinte dominare, striptease, lap-dance, spanking, role-play, show erotic

VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage

VIP erotic massage takes place in a room equipped and decorated specifically for this purpose.
We got a big cage which resembles a cell in a “PRISON” for the ones that are into master-slave fantasy.
If the special room is busy, depending on the case, the receptionist may recommend you to have VIP massage in other available room.

VIP Fantasy erotic massage
The customer wishes a fantasy erotic massage, different from normal erotic massage.
In short, VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage = Erotic body massage classic + different fantasies

This is a fantasy massage, designed for those special customers who request during erotic massage session one or more of the following actions:

– erotic toys
– domination, BDSM
– multiple happy endings
– prostate massage
– role-play
– striptease
– lap-dance
– spanking
– erotic show
– different other fetishes (feet fetish, foot fetish, latex, high heels fetish, and others)

A session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage is including, at customer’s request, the session of classic erotic body massage. So, the fantasies are just top-ups of our wonderful classic erotic body massage, within the 60 minutes of course.

Only certain girls are available for VIP Fantasy erotic massage, please contact reception for details.

147 Responses to “VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage”

  1. O lista de preturi? Multumesc 12.05.2018 on 01:56 Reply

    O lista de preturi? Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 12.05.2018 on 09:05 Reply

      Buna Andrei,
      Ti-am trimis pe email informatiile solicitate.
      Te asteptam sa incerci serviciile noastre de masaj erotic si spa!

  2. metin 07.05.2018 on 01:46 Reply


    Vreau si eu sa stiu un tarif pentru masaj erotic dominant. Si niste detalii daca se poate ce jucarii sunt disponibile, vestimentatie etc. Multumec anticipat.

    • Noblesse Unic 09.05.2018 on 01:31 Reply

      Buna Metin,
      Ne bucuram ca esti interesat de Masajul Erotic VIP Fantezie cu dominare. Jucariile le poti vedea in fotografiile de pe site, acestea includ diverse jucarii erotice si accesorii dominare. Poti aduce si tu jucariile tale preferate deca vrei neaparat. Costumatiile depind de la maseuza la maseuza, dar poti cere cu 24-48 ore inainte un anumit gen de costum si noi vom face tot posibilul ca sa fie asa. Despre preturi, ti-am trimis un email.
      Te asteptam!

  3. Robert 20.03.2018 on 09:55 Reply

    Buna seara, imi puteti trimite o lista de preturi? Multumesc mult, Robert

    • Noblesse Unic 21.03.2018 on 12:14 Reply

      Buna Robert,
      Ti-am trimis pe email lista de preturi pentru masaj erotic si spa.
      Te asteptam!

  4. Andrei 16.03.2018 on 04:21 Reply

    Buna ziua,

    Lista prețuri va rog? Mulțumesc.

    • Noblesse Unic 17.03.2018 on 01:22 Reply

      Buna Andrei,
      Te felicitam pentru algerea facuta, masajul erotic VIP Fantezie este foarte frumos la noi.
      Ti-am trimis un email cu preturile solicitate.
      Te asteptam!

  5. Vio 28.10.2017 on 03:01 Reply


    Vreau si eu sa stiu un tarif pentru masaj erotic dominant. Si niste detalii daca se poate ce jucarii sunt disponibile, vestimentatie etc. Multumec anticipat.

    • Noblesse Unic 28.10.2017 on 03:17 Reply

      Buna Vio,
      Masajul cu dominare este inclus in sesiunea noastra de masaj erotic VIP Fantezie. Despre preturi ti-am trimis un email. Avem o intreaga trusa de jucarii disponibile, le poti vedea in fotografiile de pe aceasta pagina. Fetele au tot felul de costume, in functie de preferinta ta le vor imbraca pentru sesiunea respectiva.

    • jocker soniq 02.12.2017 on 06:59 Reply

      dar pentru barbati bi aveti maseori si fantezii?

      • Noblesse Unic 03.12.2017 on 12:39 Reply

        Buna Jocker,
        Nu avem barbati maseori in echipa noastra, doar fete, maseuze.

  6. Alexandra 24.09.2017 on 08:36 Reply

    Buna ziua. Sunt o doamna si as dori sa stiu daca mai aveti disponibil optiunea masaj pentru femei, daca pot benefia de un masaj Vip Fantesy cu jucarii si masaj eroic clasic, imi doresc ceva foarte senzual si fin. Va multumesc. As dori sa imi fac cadou o seara de duminica la voi, Preuspun ca aveti numai maseuze nu si maseuri. In orice caz as dori o idee de pret, disponibilitatea pentru astazi, dupa orele 19:00 si bineinteles o programare . Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 24.09.2017 on 04:06 Reply

      Buna ziua,
      Avem disponibila optiunea de masaj pentru femei si puteti beneficia de un masaj VIP Fantezie cu jucarii, senzual si fin.
      Mai multe detalii v-am trimis pe email.
      Va asteptam!

  7. Marian 14.08.2017 on 04:29 Reply

    Imi puteti trimite o lista de preturi?

    • Noblesse Unic 14.08.2017 on 06:53 Reply

      Buna Marian,
      Ti-am trimis pe mail preturile de la masaj erotic si te asteptam sa ne vizitezi!

  8. Artur 06.08.2017 on 07:03 Reply

    I am interested in domination massage please tell me what it includes, and prices for that and other massages.

    • Noblesse Unic 08.08.2017 on 05:18 Reply

      Hello Artur,
      If you read this page, you will see what is included in our VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.
      Also, we sent you via e-mail all the prices and other details.
      See you around!

  9. Roman 05.08.2017 on 08:02 Reply

    Can I have details about prices and opening hours? I stay 1 month in Bucarest, I see there are special prices if I get partner card from you. Can you send email? Thanks, see you soon

    • Noblesse Unic 08.08.2017 on 05:17 Reply

      Ciao Roman,
      We sent you via e-mail all details about our prices and services.
      We are running normal opening hours during August.
      See you soon!

  10. Donny 17.06.2017 on 04:38 Reply

    Just wondering if I can have a price list for your services? I’ll be in town all of next week and wold like to visit.

    • Noblesse Unic 19.06.2017 on 06:59 Reply

      Hello Donny,
      We sent you full details via email.
      See you soon!

  11. Tom 24.04.2017 on 09:33 Reply

    Ladies, any options for including some watersports activities (pee play) as part of the VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage ? Cheers, Tom

    • Noblesse Unic 25.04.2017 on 12:36 Reply

      Hello Tom,
      We cover a broad range of fantasies under our VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.
      We wrote you one email regarding your questions.

  12. Mario 21.04.2017 on 01:18 Reply

    Hello, I would like to try one of your massage. Could you please send me details of each of them and prices. Regards

    • Noblesse Unic 21.04.2017 on 06:24 Reply

      Hello Mario,
      We sent you via e-mail the details requested.
      Also, you can browse our Services section from the website.
      See you soon!

  13. Nick 25.03.2017 on 03:23 Reply

    hi there,

    I would like to visit your parlour today , however please can you send me the price list at the earliest.

    thanks in advance. See you later

    • Noblesse Unic 25.03.2017 on 05:13 Reply

      Hello Nick,
      We quickly sent you the requested price list.
      See you soon!

  14. Roberto 02.03.2017 on 01:50 Reply

    Hello can o have the price list please? Ill be there next days.

    • Noblesse Unic 02.03.2017 on 03:11 Reply

      Ciao Roberto,
      We sent our price list via email.
      See you soon!

  15. jack 25.02.2017 on 01:01 Reply

    Can you please send the price list? I’ll be in Bucharest 20-27 March. See you then!

    • Noblesse Unic 25.02.2017 on 02:14 Reply

      Hi there Jack,
      I am glad that you find our website attractive!
      Bucharest is a nice destination, you will love it.
      We sent via e-mail our list of prices and erotic massage and spa services.
      See you!

  16. Mustafa 23.02.2017 on 07:20 Reply

    Hello, I’m interested in experiencing this particular service you provide, and I would like to know if a footjob – tied feet tickling action is possible during the VIP Fantasy massage session. Thank you very much

    • Noblesse Unic 23.02.2017 on 11:50 Reply

      Hello Mustafa,
      You can have your fantasy of the footjob – tied feet tickling, during a session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.
      When you arrive at our location, just let our receptionist know about this to recommend you the best girl to perform your fantasy.
      See you soon I hope!

  17. Robert 04.01.2017 on 10:35 Reply

    Buna! Vreau sa va intreb daca masajul vip cu dominare inclusa, se numara printre serviciile d-voastra sau aveti fete disponibile pentru aceast tip de fantezii !Multumesc anticipat!

    • Noblesse Unic 06.01.2017 on 02:38 Reply

      Buna Robert,
      Dominarea este una dintre cele mai solicitate fantezii, si avem multe maseuze care o pot practica.
      Cel mai bine e sa urmaresti pe site in profilul fiecareia daca face dominare, sau cand vrei sa te programezi te sfatuiesti telefonic cu receptionera.
      Te asteptam!

  18. giannis 28.11.2016 on 08:47 Reply

    I will be in Bucharest for 3 days. Can you please let me know about the prices of your services ?
    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 29.11.2016 on 05:08 Reply

      Hello Giannis,
      We sent you via e-mail the price list for erotic massage and spa.
      Have a nice stay in Bucharest!

  19. Dimi 19.11.2016 on 01:36 Reply


    I will be in Bucharest this weekend. Can you please let me know about the prices of your services ?

    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 19.11.2016 on 01:52 Reply

      Hello Dimi,
      We will be open as usual this weekend, and there will be plenty of beautiful girls on shifts.
      You already have on your email the price list.
      See you soon!

  20. cristianalbu 13.10.2016 on 04:22 Reply

    Buna ziua. Imi puteti trimite email cu tariful pentru strap-on? Dar pozele fetelor care fac? Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 15.10.2016 on 08:14 Reply

      Buna Cristian,
      Ti-am trimis pe email preturile serviciilor de masaj erotic solicitate.
      Fotografiile maseuzelor le gasesti la noi pe site, cu exceptia celor foarte timide.
      Te asteptam la masaj erotic vip fantezie!

  21. Sorin 09.09.2016 on 12:53 Reply


    Se poate face VIP Fantezie la hotel ? Care e tariful ?


    • Noblesse Unic 10.09.2016 on 12:48 Reply

      Buna Sorin,
      Masajul erotic VIP Fantezie se bucura de un mare succes in randul clientilor nostri.
      Tarifele ti le-am trimis pe mail.

  22. Joe 29.07.2016 on 01:56 Reply


    I will be visiting Bucharest soon, and I wanted to try this out. Could you explain to me what is allowed and not allowed? Is cum on body allowed for the erotic massage service? Thanks! Also want a price list.

    • Noblesse Unic 30.07.2016 on 01:03 Reply

      Hello Joe,
      If you read our FAQ-s page, you will find more info about our border-lines. Any erotic massage session is including a happy ending. They way of happy ending depends of the type of the session, customer’s decision and of course girl’s tolerance. VIP Fantasy session is more permissive in this way. The price list had been sent to you via e-mail already.

  23. Daniel 21.07.2016 on 08:04 Reply


    I’d like to ask if you provide strapon services for man, and if it can be combined with some domination session? Does they count as two different fetishes or one? Also, could you send me prizes for VIP and classic erotic body massage?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Noblesse Unic 23.07.2016 on 01:52 Reply

      Hello Daniel,
      Yes, we provide strapon service for men, during a session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.
      And again yes, it can be combined with some domination.
      They will count as one single fetish eg domination.
      The price list was sent to you via e-mail already.

  24. ken 19.05.2016 on 12:38 Reply

    hello, i am in bucharest this week and would like a price list please

    • Noblesse Unic 19.05.2016 on 05:16 Reply

      Hi there Ken,
      We are happy that you’re interested in our Vip fantasy erotic massage.
      Already sent you via e-mail all the information requested.
      Have a nice stay in Bucharest!

  25. Fabius 14.03.2016 on 04:44 Reply

    Hi, I should like have a VIP erotic session of medical role-play. It is possible ? Please send me the price list for 1 or 2 hours ?
    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 16.03.2016 on 03:01 Reply

      Hello Fabius,
      During VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage sessions, we can only provide role-play with medical outfits or nurse ourfits for our girls.
      About the prices, we sent you one email.

  26. Robbie 27.01.2016 on 02:05 Reply

    Hey there, have a price list for me? Coming by next week!

    • Noblesse Unic 28.01.2016 on 01:35 Reply

      Hi there Robbie,
      We sent you via e-mail the price list for erotic massage and spa services.
      See you soon!

  27. paolo 25.12.2015 on 11:59 Reply

    First of all Happy Christmas. I will be in Bucharest next Monday and I would like to have the best vip erotic massage with fantasies you can offer, can you kindly tell me what does it consist of and price with 1 girl/model and 2 girls? So that i can book

    • Noblesse Unic 26.12.2015 on 02:47 Reply

      Hello Paolo,
      Happy Christmas to you too. We are glad to hear that you are ready to visit us and we sent you one email with our current price list for erotic massage and spa services. Regards!

  28. Ionut 14.10.2015 on 12:13 Reply

    Buna ziua,

    Doresc mai multe informaii despre VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage. Pretul si cateva fantezii posibile (dintre cele mai des solicitate) – in functie de acestea voi reveni intraband de o fantezie personalizata.


    • Noblesse Unic 14.10.2015 on 04:30 Reply

      Buna Ionut,
      Cele mai solicitate fantezii sunt cele listate de noi pe aceasta pagina dedicata masajului erotic vip fantezie. Pentru orice alta fantezie personalizata, te rugam sa ne contactezi pe email si iti vom raspunde daca este posibil sa se realizeze la noi.

  29. Simon White 24.09.2015 on 03:32 Reply

    I am wondering if it would be possible for the ending to be with a footjob?

    • Noblesse Unic 25.09.2015 on 10:24 Reply

      Hi there Simon,
      Your fantasy can become reality in our location if you buy a session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.

  30. Jay 23.09.2015 on 04:40 Reply

    HII I’m interested in visiting you for the VIP erotic massage is it possible to have pricing and list of the available fantasies please, also how far from the center are you? Ilook forward to visiting you

    • Noblesse Unic 23.09.2015 on 08:40 Reply

      Hello Jay,
      We can assure you that our VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage is very special. The list of available fantasies can be checked in the content of this page.
      We are located right in the city center, so basically from any central location we are reachable in less than 10 minutes drive.
      We look forward to welcome you in our erotic massage parlor soon!

  31. Bjoern 27.08.2015 on 07:05 Reply

    I am looking for a 1 or 2 hour strapon VIP Massage service next friday on the 4th of September. Is it possible to have the girl dressed as a schoolgirl? I would like to cum multiple times and am willing to pay well, for good service. Please send me a price list

    • Noblesse Unic 27.08.2015 on 11:59 Reply

      Hello Bjoern,
      It is possible to have your fantasy fulfilled in our club during one session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage. Yes, the girl can be dressed as a schoolgirl and we do own a strapon. And it is allowed to cum multiple times.
      We sent you the price list. We do appreciate that you are willing to pay well for good service!

  32. nicolas 14.08.2015 on 01:57 Reply


    I would like a VIP massage with strapon
    We would come around 6 pm
    What girls are available ? thanks for sending prices

    • Noblesse Unic 14.08.2015 on 02:10 Reply

      Hi there Nicolas,
      We sent you by email details and prices for VIP erotic massage. We do own erotic toys including strapon. Please phone our reception to confirm your booking at 5.30pm if you want to arrive at 6pm. Available girls can be found on our website, under Hot deals and News page. Also this depends of what are appointments are done in the same time with you.

  33. Chris 03.08.2015 on 10:26 Reply

    can I have a price list please

    • Noblesse Unic 04.08.2015 on 02:19 Reply

      Hello Chris,
      Of course you can have a price list. Already sent erotic massages rates to your email address.

  34. Nico Rodrigues 02.08.2015 on 09:09 Reply

    Hi, i m planning to visit your place in mid August, could be possible to get more info? Mainly about VIP Fantasy massage.. I would like to know prices..
    best Regards

    • Noblesse Unic 03.08.2015 on 01:05 Reply

      Hi there Nico Rodrigues,
      We sent you full details and prices for this summer for all our erotic massage services.

  35. Robert Koren 08.06.2015 on 12:34 Reply

    Hi There,

    I am planning to visit in early August. Please could I have some more details.

    Kind Regards,

    • Noblesse Unic 08.06.2015 on 03:19 Reply

      Hi there Rob,
      We are glad that you’re planning your trip in advance and you will visit us.
      You will receive requested details by email.

  36. olic 22.04.2015 on 11:29 Reply


    please be so kind and send me the details and prices regarding VIP massage and possible specialities offered by the girls.

    Thank you in advance

    • Noblesse Unic 26.04.2015 on 11:32 Reply

      Hello Olic,
      Thanks for your interest in VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.
      Together with the price list, we sent you few more details regarding your questions.

  37. Tom 30.03.2015 on 06:17 Reply

    I will stay in Bucharest this week and would like to visit your place. Can you please send me some price information about your VIP massage sessions? Especially for spanking. Thanks in advance

    • Noblesse Unic 30.03.2015 on 07:46 Reply

      Hello Tom,
      We sent you informations regarding our VIP Fantasy prices. Can’t wait to meet you!

  38. danial craig 21.03.2015 on 11:23 Reply

    Hi is it possible to send me the price list

    • Noblesse Unic 22.03.2015 on 02:33 Reply

      Hello Daniel,
      It is very possible, so we already sent you the email regarding our erotic massage services prices.
      Have a nice stay in Romania!

  39. zimbirti 13.03.2015 on 06:06 Reply

    May i get price info?

    • Noblesse Unic 15.03.2015 on 02:17 Reply

      Hiya Zimbirti,
      We sent you one email regarding the price of vip fantasy erotic massage and other type of massages that we offer.

  40. Bogdan 08.03.2015 on 02:20 Reply

    Pot afla preturile pentru masajul cu dominare? Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 08.03.2015 on 07:17 Reply

      Buna Bogdan,
      Ti-am trimis pe email detaliile solicitate despre dominare in cadrul masajului erotic vip fantezie.

  41. eugen 06.02.2015 on 03:53 Reply

    Buna ziua
    As dori sa aflu si eu preturile,si daca as vrea o anumita fata trebuie sa vorbesc din timp?

    • Noblesse Unic 06.02.2015 on 05:28 Reply

      Buna Eugen,
      Ti-am trimis preturile actuale de la toate serviciile de masaj erotic, pe email. Daca vrei programare cu o anumita fata, trebuie sa suni la receptie si sa faci programare direct cu fata respectiva, in functie si de programul ei de lucru. Sunt multe fete noi care inca nu au profile si fotografii pe site, te asteptam sa le descoperi!

  42. Damien 03.02.2015 on 06:18 Reply

    Could you please send me your price list?
    I plan to visit romania soon and i m intersted by your offer
    You’r are located near the city center?

    • Noblesse Unic 03.02.2015 on 10:19 Reply

      Bonjour Damien ,
      We wish you a great time in Romania!
      We are situated right in Bucharest city center, you can check the map from our website, under Contact section.
      You have already our price list for erotic massage on your email address provided!

  43. Jerome 02.02.2015 on 12:55 Reply

    Hello, could you kindly send me your price list? I will be visiting this week, maybe multiple times.

    • Noblesse Unic 02.02.2015 on 03:54 Reply

      Hello Jerome,
      We are glad that you decided to visit our erotic massage parlor. We do hope to get you here “multiple times”, as you say! A lot of UK visitors left very happy after trying our services… A price list have been sent to your email address.

  44. Robert 21.01.2015 on 02:09 Reply

    Buna seara, puteti sa-mi trimiteti si mie lista de preturi pentru masajul VIP fantezie, va rog? Va mulțumesc!

    • Noblesse Unic 21.01.2015 on 04:28 Reply

      Buna Robert,
      Ai deja pe email informatiile solicitate. Te asteptam!

  45. Remus 15.01.2015 on 02:18 Reply

    I am interested in this VIP Fantasy massage option, would you be so kind to provide the price range for this kind of service?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Noblesse Unic 17.01.2015 on 03:12 Reply

      Hello Remus,
      VIP Fantasy erotic massage is a very nice option. We sent you already the details and prices by email!

  46. Allan 11.01.2015 on 12:38 Reply


    May I have your prices please, I am visiting at the end of February. Many thanks.

    • Noblesse Unic 11.01.2015 on 08:03 Reply

      We are prepared already for your visit. Our erotic massage parlor price list have been sent to your email address!

  47. ronaldo 29.12.2014 on 08:18 Reply

    Referitor la masajul VIP fantezie, se pot face in aceeasi sedinta de exemplu si dominare cu strapon si lap dance ?

    lap-dance-ul se face pana la finalizare?


    • Noblesse Unic 30.12.2014 on 01:43 Reply

      Buna Adrian,
      Fanteziile descrise la Masajul VIP Fantezie se pot combina in timpul sedintei de o ora. In cazul tau raspunsul este da, adica se pot face in aceeasi sedinta si dominare cu strapon si lap dance. Lap-dance-ul se poate face pana la finalizare, daca se doreste acest lucru de catre client.

  48. mansour 28.12.2014 on 08:06 Reply

    i really liked ur new option.. im planning to come after the new year to bucharest.. may i ask if ur service include: transform a guy into sissy boy and to use toys or dildo for his butt!

    notice that i didnt used any dildo or toys before.. i would like to know please what is ur prices.. Thanks and happy new year:*

    • Noblesse Unic 28.12.2014 on 09:15 Reply

      Hi there Mansour,
      Your fantasy may become reality in our erotic massage parlor.
      Our girls will transform you into sissy boy and to use toys or dildo for your butt!
      If you never had this before, they will be gentle to teach you real pleasure feeling.
      About prices we sent you one email.
      Thank you too and happy new year to you as well!

  49. Alex 21.12.2014 on 03:09 Reply

    hey, please send me a price list of all offered kind of massages
    thank you 😉

    • Noblesse Unic 21.12.2014 on 05:27 Reply

      Hi there Alex,
      We sent you by email the price list for December 2014 regarding our erotic massage services . We do hope to have you as our guest!

  50. Brian 19.12.2014 on 12:22 Reply

    Interested in two girls for 2 hours of fun. Also do the girls talk privately in room for more options? Thanks


    • Noblesse Unic 19.12.2014 on 11:34 Reply

      Hi there Brian. Double massage is the name we gave for massage with 2 girls simultaneously. We have plenty of girls for you to choose from. Yes, in the room you may talk with the girls about different fantasies you want during a session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.

  51. donny 10.10.2014 on 06:37 Reply

    I am also interested in VIP erotic massage price list….also, will select girls come to Hotel for these types of erotic massage services??

    • Noblesse Unic 10.10.2014 on 04:14 Reply

      Hello Donny,
      We sent you by email all our massage prices. Also, you can find there more about hotel visits and other questions you might have.

  52. Alex 22.09.2014 on 06:08 Reply

    Buna ziua! Daca se poate sa imi spuneti si mie preturile pt masaj erotic vip! Si as mai avea o intrebare,contra cost daca se ofera si alte servicii decat cele mentionate mai sus,astept raspuns pe mail, multumesc! O zi buna!

    • Noblesse Unic 26.09.2014 on 05:00 Reply

      Buna ziua Alex.
      Pe mail ti-am trimis preturile vip. Exista tot felul de fantezii, noi le-am listat in acest capitol pe cele mai des intalnite, daca tu ai alte fantezii le poti discuta cu receptionera si daca este posibil una dintre maseuzele noastre ti le va indeplini. Aici ma refer ca fanteziile tale trebuie sa nu depaseasca limitele masajului erotic VIP Fantezie.

  53. joni 11.09.2014 on 04:00 Reply

    hello…..and i have an interesing about your prices in Vip erotic massage…thank you…..

    • Noblesse Unic 11.09.2014 on 11:46 Reply

      Hello. Congratulations for choosing the VIP Massage. We sent you an email regarding your request. You welcome!

  54. Vinnie 30.08.2014 on 10:22 Reply

    It was a wonderful session at Noblesse. Had a VIP erotic session with the girl Ioana and I can bet that is one of the sensual, amazing session one can have. I like their professionalism right from the beginning of my journey. Spoke with their receptionist Mary and boy, she was very helpful. Answered all my questions with patience. I arrived at the scheduled time and asked for Mary. Man, she is also gorgeous. Again she confirmed what I wanted and called the girls from which I picked Ioana. Had great 2 hr session with her. After I was done, Mary escorted me to the exit and asked for my feedback (which I have already mentioned above). It was great and thank you Mary for your guidance. See you soon

    • Noblesse Unic 30.08.2014 on 11:14 Reply

      Thank you Vinnie for your positive feedback. Ioana and Mary send you best regards and are looking forward for your next visit!

  55. avi levi 15.07.2014 on 02:13 Reply

    Send me your fantezie vip price .starp golden and more ty

    • Noblesse Unic 15.07.2014 on 05:57 Reply

      Hello Avi, we just sent you one email regarding our requests.

  56. Jerome 14.07.2014 on 04:56 Reply

    Hi, will be in Bucharest next week. Could you please send me the price list for your services, your address and opening times?

    Thank you.

    • Noblesse Unic 15.07.2014 on 05:56 Reply

      Hello Jerome,
      You can find our opening hours and address on our website under Contact page. Abour price list we sent you one email.

  57. Sam Tommier 15.06.2014 on 04:31 Reply

    I want to have the prices of your services and could you inform me with the hostels near your place? Thank you in advance..

    • Noblesse Unic 15.06.2014 on 06:33 Reply

      Hi there Sam. We sent you one email regarding our services and we also tried to help with your issue regarding accommodation.

  58. jOHN 11.06.2014 on 09:55 Reply

    Buna ziua, puteti sa-mi dati si mie preturile pentru Masaj erotic VIP Fantezie? Ma intereseaza domnisoara Andra.
    Multumesc mult !

    • Noblesse Unic 11.06.2014 on 04:03 Reply

      Buna ziua,
      V-am trimis pe email detaliile solicitate.
      Va asteptam!

  59. Gregg 14.04.2014 on 03:19 Reply

    I am arriving tonight for three nights. how far are located from the Phoenicia Hotel and can u email me your price list ? Thanks

    • Noblesse Unic 15.04.2014 on 03:28 Reply

      We are in the center. So we are close to Phoenicia Grand Hotel (10-15 minutes drive). We’ve sent you one email.

  60. nuri abdul 10.04.2014 on 01:28 Reply

    Can you send me your price list and opening time

    • Noblesse Unic 12.04.2014 on 12:47 Reply

      Hi, opening times you can find on our webiste, price list we sent by email. Done!

  61. John 16.03.2014 on 01:50 Reply

    Can you please send some more details about the vip massage and also the price?

    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 17.03.2014 on 08:46 Reply

      We sent you one email about the vip massage and pricing. Have a nice day.

  62. George 14.03.2014 on 12:34 Reply

    Printre jucariile erotice care apar in poze aveti si pompa vacuum pt penis?
    Care dintre maseuze se pricep mai bine la Masajul Erotic Vip Fantezie?

    • Noblesse Unic 15.03.2014 on 01:23 Reply

      Buna George,
      Nu avem pompa de vaccum, dar avem multe jucarii interesante, nu doar cele din poze. Ti-am trimis si un email.

  63. Axel 04.03.2014 on 06:28 Reply

    This sounds Amazing!
    What are the Prices?

    • Noblesse Unic 06.03.2014 on 04:30 Reply

      We recently updated our price list. The actual rates have been emailed to you. Have a nice massage!

  64. George 31.01.2014 on 10:49 Reply

    Îmi puteți spune prețurile pentru masaj VIP fantezie. Si programul.

    • Noblesse Unic 04.02.2014 on 04:58 Reply

      Buna George. Ne-am gandit sa postam si aici ce ti-am trimis pe email zilele trecute. Masajul Erotic VIP Fantezie se poate face pe toata durata orelor noastre de functionare. Adica de la ora 12 (pranz) pana pe la orele 06-07 dimineata urmatoare. Detalii despre preturi ti-am trimis pe email.

  65. patrick 18.01.2014 on 09:17 Reply


    I’m planning to come on the first week of february with my girlfriend. I would like to know if it will be possible to come with her and to take 2 masseuse ?
    I personnaly would like 1h with option erotic massage + “strap-on” for both of us. Can you please give me more information about the price and if it’s possible ?

    best regards

    • Noblesse Unic 18.01.2014 on 02:28 Reply

      Hello Patrick. Yes, it is possible to come with your girlfriend and both of you have what we call a VIP Erotic Fantasy Massage for couple. I prepared more details and will send them to you by email soon.

  66. Robert Gonella 18.12.2013 on 03:26 Reply

    Buna ziua, puteti sa-mi dati si mie preturile pentru Masaj erotic VIP Fantezie? Ma intereseaza sex toys (but plug, Bilute anale etc.). Cu cat timp inainte trebuie sa fac o programare? Multumesc.

    • Noblesse Unic 19.12.2013 on 01:24 Reply

      Robert, ti-am trimis pe mail preturile actuale
      Preturile noastre uneori variaza in functie de sezon, luna sau promotii si de aceea nu le putem posta pentru a nu induce clientii in eroare cand vor citi aceste comentarii ulterior.
      Avem diferite sex-toys, printre care si cele mentionate de tine, chiar si un strapon frumos nou-noutz.
      Programare poti sa faci doar telefonic, la numerele receptiei, in ziua in care doresti sa ne vizitezi, cam cu 30 minute inainte de a ajunge la noi.
      Te sfatuiesc sa suni in prealabil si receptionera iti va spune care dintre maseuze sunt mai pricepute la acest tip de fantezii.
      E bine sa iti faci direct programare cu o maseuza care a mai facut asa ceva cu succes.
      Toate maseuzele sunt listate pe site la noi, cu fotografii reale in rubrica Foto Maseuze.
      Te asteptam!

  67. sam 12.12.2013 on 04:36 Reply

    Do you provide strapon service, and how much the price?

    • Noblesse Unic 13.12.2013 on 02:57 Reply

      Hello Sam,
      Yes, we can provide strapon service if requested, during the session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage. About prices, we sent detailed pricing for most of our services to the email address you provided.

  68. Art 05.12.2013 on 11:37 Reply

    Can I also get that info?

    • Noblesse Unic 06.12.2013 on 01:37 Reply

      We prepared a nice detailed email and already sent it to the email address you provided. Have a nice December!

  69. Savas Erbas 16.10.2013 on 04:15 Reply

    I am planning a visit to your place at the end of this month while I am in Bucharest.
    Would you please be kind to let me know about your prices for your classic, double,VIP Fantasy erotic massage sessions?
    And do I have to make an appointment before my presence there, if I wish to spend a time with my preferred masseuse?
    With kind regards
    Savas Erbas

    • Noblesse Unic 16.10.2013 on 03:02 Reply

      We sent you by email updated information related to all your questions.
      Have a nice trip in Romania!

      • A.A 30.03.2016 on 04:00 Reply

        Can I get the same
        information for my next trip to ROMANIA ?

        • Noblesse Unic 30.03.2016 on 01:52 Reply

          Hi there A.A.
          We sent you our current price list and all details you need to know about the erotic massage and spa services we provide.

    • rouk 13.04.2016 on 11:21 Reply

      i need more details about te rates of each type of massage

      • Noblesse Unic 13.04.2016 on 12:55 Reply

        Hello Rouk,
        We are glad that you’re interested in trying our services!
        We already sent you by email our full price list for erotic massage and spa services!

        • Pra 19.09.2016 on 05:36 Reply

          Can I get the price list?

          • Noblesse Unic 19.09.2016 on 06:44

            Hi there Pra,
            We will provide you the full price list of our erotic massage services via e-mail.
            See you soon!

  70. andrea 19.07.2013 on 08:41 Reply

    sono un ragazzo italiano e tra lunedi e giovedì saro a Bucarest..vorrei sapere info e costi per il massaggio fantasia, dominanza, role play e fetish.
    grazie attendo vostre risposte

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