FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


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Questions about the massage sessions:

Q: Is it allowed to touch the girl during the massage?

A: You are allowed to gently touch the girl, as long as you do not produce her discomfort.
It is better to talk with the girls about what discomfort means for her, before acting…
You may touch the masseuse girl with care, not to hurt her and not  to make her feel bad. Use your common sense.

How much is allowed to touch her depends of how polite you are and sometimes (in some cases only) depends also how much tips you are willing to give.
If the girl does not allow you to touch her body at all, please report her to the reception as this means she is breaking the rules.

Our general advice is: be a gentleman!
If you feel good and prefer to give some tips to the girls is your decision, we are not involved and tips is not mandatory.

If you are rude and trying to abuse the girl verbally or phisically, first she will try to explain you that you are breaking the rules and she will try to calm you down.
If you do not understand, extremely rarely, girls use their right to quit the massage session and report the individual who break the rules and disturb them too much.

Q: I am thinking to contact your location by phone to make an appointment or for details, but I am afraid you will keep my number and you will call me back and I will have problems because of this.

A: We respect 100% your privacy. We never call back our customers, unless they ask us to do this. If you make an appointment and not show up, we will not call you to check why you didn’t come or why you are late. We do not keep any database with our customers phone numbers or emails for later use. We do not use your contact details for any marketing purpose and all information about you or your bookings are kept strictly confidential.

Q: I am not comfortable with a naked girl. Can she wear her panties or her bra during massage? In this case the price of the session is different?

A: You may opt for the girl to have the panties and/or the bra on if you are too shy…
However the price of massage session is it the same as with the girl naked.

Q: I did read I will get a happy ending at the end of erotic massage session. Is this really true? How is this obtained?
A: Yes is it true. Happy ending is done by massage techniques.
But please read the story below:
We are a massage parlor acting in erotic field restricted by rules, but nobody respect rules 100% in any work place of any field, so what is happening in the massage room it’s about chemistry that develops between every two adult individuals.
Before entering in massage room, the receptionist and the girls explain you in detail the rules and you must agree with them.
We have for example one rule that says that is mandatory to take a shower before using any of our services.
Amongst other rules, our most important rules says that there is no oral or normal sex involved between our girls and customers.
Our massage parlor offers erotic massage as described in dedicated page and charge for this kind of service at reception desk.
We are not advertising or promoting any other “extra services” and we don’t get any advantage if “extra services” are performed by the girls.
Beside these, there are some customers who claim that they got more than erotic massage in our location.
This could be true, whilst we took all precautions to avoid this happening.
If in the room you get more than erotic massage from the chosen girl, it is not necessary depending about how rich you are.
You might either be handsome, in great shape, smelling good or just lucky, it is hard for us to control what is truly happening in the massage room.
It’s mostly random and we don’t know why, for example, your friend told you he got more than erotic massage while you had a standard session.
By telling you this we don’t want to discourage anybody from visiting us, we are just honest and we are confident in our services and we still think we offer so much value and a great time for the money you pay at reception.
We do not blame you because you are a man and have natural feelings.
Every single man think of having sex when he sees a nice woman. Double this feeling because both individuals are naked. Any type of massage (even old-style dressed one) are producing a relaxing sensation, and erotic massage is bringing even more intense sensations. The girls manage to make most of the customers happy and we are receiving great feedbacks.
We do not ask for testimonials, but some of the feedbacks are posted directly on the website as comments from previous guests.
We have a lot of happy regulars and probably their loyalty means a lot for the girls, they feel good and come back from time to time.
Our girls are open minded, young educated persons who are doing this activity as their job, but they are not prostitutes, and the masseuses have the right to cancel any massage session if you don’t respect the rules or you are using any violent language or behavior. In this unpleasant situation you will not be refunded.
In our country, Romania, prostitution is not legal.
We are a legal entity, we follow the laws and also our internal rules and our girls are also our employees.
If you search for a place to pay for sex and be served, we are not that type of location.
Our girls still risk their job if they are caught offering paid sex to customers.

Q: I did read almost all pages of your website and I found no information about the fact if you offer massage at hotel also. I am staying in a Bucharest hotel and I want to have the erotic massage in my hotel room. Do you offer this service by sending girls to hotel?
A: Our location is very special, the atmosphere is very nice. Because it combines the massage rooms, the SPA area and the lounge bar, the girls offer to all customers very pleasant moments, not only a good massage. That’s why we strongly believe that you must to come to our place to enjoy us in full. Despite this, we are conveniently located downtown Bucharest and we are legal and very safe also. You will find a lot of beautiful young ladies once you arrive.
So to be straight, the answer is no, we do not send girls to hotel.

Q: Your rules are too restrictive for me and I want to go somewhere else. Any advices?
A: Because you are reading these lines, we care about you even if you want to go somewhere else and give you few advices:
– take care where you go, not all locations are safe, even downtown Bucharest
– don’t always trust the taxi drivers, they might just be interested to take some of your money back from remote locations, as a reward to deliver you to some places
– choose reliable massage parlors and ask for the printed rates to avoid being charged more
– if you don’t know too much about your destination, take care of your wallet and your values
– if the place don’t look clean and you are suspicious about your security, it’s better to leave, it is better to avoid any risks
– do not search for cheapest places, consider your health and security more important than the amount of money you pay for any services

Despite all of this, Bucharest have one of the lowest crime rates of all capitals in Europe. It is a nice city, with beautiful women and great prices for everything, including accommodation, food and entertainment.
Take care and have a nice time in Romania!

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  1. gabriel 13.11.2017 on 02:58 Reply

    me and my partner we are coming to your country for 2 days .
    we like you to send as your price list

    • Noblesse Unic 14.11.2017 on 02:13 Reply

      Hello Gabriel,
      It’s nice to hear that you are going to visit Bucharest with your friend.
      We’ve sent all the details requested via e-mail.
      See you soon!

  2. Igor 30.10.2017 on 03:40 Reply


    Can you please email your price list?


    • Noblesse Unic 30.10.2017 on 04:10 Reply

      Hello Igor,
      We are happy that you did read our FAQ-s page. We just sent you one email regarding our full price list for erotic massage and spa services.

  3. Iulia 26.08.2017 on 03:46 Reply


    Ati putea va rog sa imi trimiteti si mie lista de preturi?

    Multumesc in avans.

    • Noblesse Unic 26.08.2017 on 05:32 Reply

      Buna Iulia,
      Ti-am trimis pe email lista de preturi pentru masaj erotic si spa.
      Te asteptam!

  4. Klaus 12.05.2017 on 07:24 Reply

    Can have the price list please?

    • Noblesse Unic 13.05.2017 on 06:55 Reply

      Hello Klaus,
      Thanks for your plan to visit us.
      We sent our price list of erotic massage services via email!

  5. R 06.03.2017 on 10:16 Reply

    Could I get the list of prices thanks?

    Couldn’t see them on the website

    • Noblesse Unic 07.03.2017 on 01:48 Reply

      Hi there R,
      We sent you the price list via e-mail.
      See you soon!

  6. joni 19.12.2016 on 05:59 Reply

    hellooo im interesing about price!!

    • Noblesse Unic 19.12.2016 on 08:52 Reply

      Hi Joni,
      Thanks for your inquiry.
      We sent you the erotic massage and spa price list.
      See you!

  7. Willy 14.11.2016 on 10:30 Reply

    Please send me price list

    • Noblesse Unic 15.11.2016 on 03:27 Reply

      Hello Willy,
      Thanks for your plan to visit us.
      We sent you via e-mail the price list for erotic massage and spa services that we provide.

  8. Paolo 08.11.2016 on 01:42 Reply

    Can you send me price list please ? Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 11.11.2016 on 11:15 Reply

      Ciao Paolo,
      Sorry for the delay.
      The price list is on your email already.

      • Noblesse Unic 11.11.2016 on 11:16 Reply

        Hello Bechlor,
        Thank you for your comment.
        We sent via e-mail our price list for erotic massage and spa services.
        See you soon!

  9. Alex 02.10.2016 on 11:47 Reply

    Good day,
    Would appreciate if you can send me your price list.
    Thank you in advance!

    • Noblesse Unic 03.10.2016 on 12:44 Reply

      Hi there Alex,
      We sent you via e-mail the price list for our erotic massage and spa services.

  10. Mario 07.09.2016 on 10:16 Reply

    Would appreciate the price list.

    • Noblesse Unic 09.09.2016 on 08:55 Reply

      Hello Mario,
      The price list has been sent to you by e-mail.
      See you soon!

  11. Mike 13.07.2016 on 06:01 Reply

    Could you please send me your prices


  12. Jim 05.07.2016 on 08:44 Reply

    Hi, Can you please email me the price list

    • Noblesse Unic 05.07.2016 on 03:58 Reply

      Hi Jim,
      Just emailed you the requested info about our erotic massage and spa services!

  13. nick 16.06.2016 on 08:03 Reply

    Price list please…

    • Noblesse Unic 16.06.2016 on 08:29 Reply

      Hi there Nick,
      We already sent you via e-mail our price list for erotic massage and spa services.
      See you soon!

  14. John 10.06.2016 on 04:32 Reply

    Hello i am in town at the moment and im interested by your services. Could you please send me price list!

    • Noblesse Unic 10.06.2016 on 11:29 Reply

      Hi there John,
      Thank you for your plan to visit us.
      We sent you via email the current price list of our erotic massage services!

  15. Robert 16.05.2016 on 12:36 Reply

    Hi there, I was there in February and loved it. Can I have an updated services and prices list please? Thanks.

    • Noblesse Unic 16.05.2016 on 02:03 Reply

      Hello Robert,
      It’s nice to hear that you’ve been our guest and loved it.
      Will email you updated services and prices.

  16. Luca 04.05.2016 on 06:59 Reply

    Can you send by email your price list for the massage service and Spa?

    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 05.05.2016 on 03:10 Reply

      Hello Luca,
      We are glad that you enjoyed reading our website and you want to be our customer.
      We sent you already the info you requested!

  17. Ronnie 15.03.2016 on 11:14 Reply

    I’d like to get a price list please.

    • Noblesse Unic 16.03.2016 on 03:02 Reply

      Hi there Ronnie,
      Thanks for reading our FAQ-s.
      We sent you the price list by email.

  18. Ben 07.03.2016 on 05:16 Reply

    Can you send me your price list also?
    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 07.03.2016 on 04:28 Reply

      Hello Ben,
      We sent you already via email the price list for our erotic massage and spa services.

  19. peter 15.02.2016 on 07:27 Reply

    what are your prices?

    • Noblesse Unic 16.02.2016 on 05:13 Reply

      Hey Peter,
      We sent you by email the price list for our erotic massage and spa services!

  20. rafael 05.12.2015 on 02:47 Reply


    Can you send me your price list also?
    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 05.12.2015 on 10:49 Reply

      Hi there Rafael,
      We sent you already the price list by email.
      Have a nice weekend and we are waiting for your visit!

  21. Thomas 10.10.2015 on 10:05 Reply

    Please send me the price list also

    • Noblesse Unic 10.10.2015 on 10:31 Reply

      Hi there Thomas,
      We sent you by email the erotic massage and spa services price list. Enjoy!

  22. Mark 23.09.2015 on 11:43 Reply

    Hi there,
    I am planning to come to Bucharest soon and like what I’ve read so far. Could you please send me the price list?
    Is a booking upfront necessary / recommended or can I just drop by?

    • Noblesse Unic 23.09.2015 on 09:13 Reply

      Hiya Mark,
      We are happy that you liked what you did read on our website so far.
      Of course we will send you our price list.
      A booking is recommended if you want to make sure that you will have a room available and more than few girls to choose from.
      But if you are unable to book, is it allowed to just drop by, and maybe you will be lucky and we will be able to accommodate you.

  23. Sam 22.09.2015 on 03:57 Reply


    Please can I have a price list?

    Many thanks

    • Noblesse Unic 23.09.2015 on 12:56 Reply

      Hi there Sam,
      Of course you can have our price list, we just sent our erotic massage and spa price list by email.
      We are waiting for your visit!

  24. Bruno Quintana 22.04.2015 on 06:35 Reply

    Hi there, could I also get the price list please ?

    Thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 26.04.2015 on 11:19 Reply

      Hello Bruno,
      I hope you will enjoy the email we sent you, about prices of erotic massage and spa services!

  25. Travis 08.03.2015 on 04:45 Reply

    Good afternoon,

    Can you please email your price list?


    • Noblesse Unic 08.03.2015 on 07:19 Reply

      Hi Travis,
      We already sent you by email details and prices about our erotic massage services.

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