Servicii Masaj Erotic


Noblesse Unic – Private Massage &  SPA offers a lot of adult services:
– different types of erotic nude massage sessions,
– a SPA area
– a lounge bar zone.

We know that most of all you want to feel better, but it is important to note that quality/price ratio has always been an advantage for us.

It’s safe to visit us.
Our location is reliable, trustworthy and entirely legal!

Erotic Body Massage – classic
This is the main service that we offer.
Erotic massage with happy ending, sensual massage, Erotic double massage, body to body massage, erotic show between 2 girls.
Click here to see more details about erotic body massage – classic…

Erotic SPA
You can fully relax completely naked in jacuzzi and dry sauna, together with a topless girl who take care of you… Your fantasies come true!
Click here to see more details about erotic spa…

VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage
Try now the new VIP Erotic Massage and you will feel twice more pampered!
We are ready to fulfill your fantasies during erotic massage sessions combined with domination, roleplay, striptease, lap-dance, spanking, erotic toys, different other fetishes…
Click here to see more details about VIP Fantasy erotic massage…

Bar & Lounge
Do you want to drink something? Champagne, Whisky, Beer, Wine, Cocktails or just soft-drinks, we have them all!
Click here to see more details about bar & lounge…

Private parties
Noblesse Unic – Private Massage &  SPA is a super-location for erotic private parties. Are you ready to have some fun?
Find out also how you can book all our location in exclusivity, only for you!
Click here to see more details about private parties…

Bachelor party
Noblesse Unic – Private Massage &  SPA is the ideal location for the bachelor party. Get ready for a crazy and sexy party!
Click here to see more details about bachelor party…

167 Responses to “Services”

  1. Gabi 03.01.2018 on 08:46 Reply

    Buna! Pot primi o lista de preturi? Mulțumesc!

    • Noblesse Unic 05.01.2018 on 01:49 Reply

      Buna Gabi si un an nou fericit!
      Ti-am trimis pe email preturile solicitate.

  2. Bastinado 07.04.2017 on 07:26 Reply


    Can I tie one or two girls and tickle their feet,or hit on their feet as master?Do you let us to record session in video?how much is the prices?

    Best regards,

    • Noblesse Unic 10.04.2017 on 03:26 Reply

      Hi there,
      It looks like you need a VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage session.
      During our sessions, customers can be only slaves and our girls can be only masters in the roleplaying game.
      So what you want is not possible in our club.
      Also, for privacy reasons, we do not photo or record any of our sessions.
      We sent you the price list of our services via e-mail.

  3. Mihai 07.04.2017 on 12:21 Reply

    Salut. Imi puteti spune va rog preturile pentru fiecare tip de masaj practicat de voi ? Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 07.04.2017 on 12:58 Reply

      Buna Mihai,
      Vei primi pe email informatiile solicitate despre serviciile de masaj erotic si spa pe care le oferim in Noblesse Unic Bucuresti.
      Weekend placut!

  4. BOGDAN 11.03.2017 on 03:37 Reply

    send me the price list,thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 16.03.2017 on 07:42 Reply

      Hello Bogdan,
      We are glad that you are interested in our services.
      You already have our price list sent to your e-mail address.

  5. Lilboy 12.12.2016 on 01:39 Reply

    Hello 🙂

    I would like to know all prices and offer, plus how to discuss about fulfilling a fantasy?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Noblesse Unic 12.12.2016 on 05:40 Reply

      Hello Lilboy,
      We sent you our current price list for erotic massage and spa services, including VIP Fantasy erotic massage.
      See you soon!

  6. Justin 23.11.2016 on 08:23 Reply

    Hi guys –

    i plan to visit Bucharest in early Jan – can you please send me the price list for the top model and regular erotic massages?

    Thanks much!

    • Noblesse Unic 23.11.2016 on 10:34 Reply

      Ho there Justin,
      The requested price lists have been sent to your e-mail address already.
      See you in January 2017!

  7. Davide 12.11.2016 on 08:20 Reply

    Buongiorno, sarò a Bucarest tra due settimane, vorrei gentilmente avere informazioni sui vostri servizi e il vostro listino prezzi.

    • Noblesse Unic 13.11.2016 on 09:34 Reply

      Ciao Davide,
      Abbiamo già spedito il nostro listino prezzi via e-mail!
      A presto…

  8. MihaiConstantin 21.10.2016 on 04:58 Reply

    Buna ziua,
    Va rog respectuos sa-mi transmiteti si mie oferta dvs. cu preturile aferente fiecarui serviciu.
    Multumesc anticipat

    • Noblesse Unic 21.10.2016 on 06:05 Reply

      Buna Mihai,
      Ti-am trimis pe e-mail lista de preturi de la serviciile de masaj si spa erotic pe care le oferim.
      Te asteptam!

  9. Denis Goldberg 13.10.2016 on 06:54 Reply

    Hi, I will be on Saturday in Bukarest. Should I come at afternoon or evening? can you please send me the price list. Thx

    • Noblesse Unic 13.10.2016 on 10:38 Reply

      Hello Denis,
      We sent you the required info via e-mail.
      See you next weekend!

  10. Gabriel 07.10.2016 on 02:07 Reply

    Buna ziua,
    Va rog respectuos sa-mi transmiteti si mie oferta dvs. cu preturile aferente fiecarui serviciu.
    Multumesc anticipat

    • Noblesse Unic 08.10.2016 on 12:00 Reply

      Buna Gabriel,
      Ti-am trimis emailul solicitat cu preturile de la masaj erotic si spa.

  11. chris 25.09.2016 on 12:45 Reply

    Hi, we are a couple and we will be in Bucharest for bussines on Thursday.
    We would like to have a tantra experience in our hotel and for that we need the best girl and a man for tantra .

    is that possible. If yes what is the price? Also we need some photos before our meeting.

    Many thanks


    • Noblesse Unic 25.09.2016 on 11:30 Reply

      Hello Chris,
      We are providing fabulous experiences for couples having an erotic massage in our location.
      You can find photos on our website.
      Details and prices had been sent to you via e-mail.
      UPDATE: Chris, the email address that you provided when you submitted the comment is not working.
      Please double check it so we can send you the answer.

  12. Cristian 16.07.2016 on 01:18 Reply

    Buna ziua. Intre ce preturi variaza un masaj erotic clasic cu o domnisoara in perioada imediat urmatoare? Am mai solicitat preturi pentru masaj pt cuplu, dar nu exclud si varianta unor masaje separate.
    Si mai am doua curiozitati: domnisoara poate fi sarutata, ori pe gura ori pe sani? Si poate fi mangaiata in zona intima, eventual ele pot ajunge la orgasm?
    O zi buna, multumesc.

    • Noblesse Unic 16.07.2016 on 05:40 Reply

      Buna ziua Cristian,
      Ti-am trimis intr-adevar in trecut detaliile pentru masajul la cuplu, iar acum le vei primi si pe cele de la masajele clasice. Domnisoarele pot fi sarutate si mangaiate in limita bunului simt, in cadrul masajului erotic vip fantezie. Fiecare dintre fete ale o toleranta mai mica sau mai mare la aceste lucruri, nu exista nimic exact ca la matematica.

  13. Jacob 05.06.2016 on 03:33 Reply

    Hello :

    I am planning to visit your massage saloon, the thing that I want to ask, is it possible to have a foot fetish in your massage saloon?
    If yes, can I receive a photo from any feet?
    I will be in Bucharest next week.
    Thank you
    I will be waiting for your response

    • Noblesse Unic 06.06.2016 on 12:31 Reply

      Hello Jacob,
      On the website, there are a lot of pictures of the different girls that are currently working for us.
      Some of them are able to do the Foot Fetish fantasy during the VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage, we sent you our price list via e-mail.
      We’re unable to send pictures with foot, but when you’ll arrive at our club, you’ll be allowed to check ladies feet before deciding which one is better for your massage session.
      You’ll have a wonderful experience.
      We’re waiting for your visit on next week!

  14. vito 18.05.2016 on 03:58 Reply

    Ciao a voi!
    Ho visto il vostro sito e vorrei chiedere se è possibile organizzare un addio al celibato.
    Saremmo 5 ragazzi tra cui il festeggiato.
    Ci sarebbe un pacchetto con questa caratteristica?
    Magari trattamento speciale per il festeggiato?
    Se questo è possibile vorrei saperne di più anche per quanto riguarda i costi.
    Noi saremmo li per il 18 giugno.
    Grazie e spero a presto!

    • Noblesse Unic 19.05.2016 on 05:25 Reply

      Ciao Vito,
      Saremo lieti di avervi nostri ospiti per un addio al celibato.
      Tutte le informazioni su questo era stato inviato via e-mail.

  15. Hal 17.05.2016 on 04:55 Reply

    Can I please get a price listing?

    • Noblesse Unic 19.05.2016 on 01:43 Reply

      Hello Hal,
      We sent you via e-mail the info requested.
      See you soon!

  16. riccardo 19.03.2016 on 07:01 Reply

    salve! italiano con affari in romania, vorrei conoscere il vostro listino prezzi per massaggi erotici, molte grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 19.03.2016 on 09:49 Reply

      Ciao Ricardo,
      Ti abbiamo inviato via e-mail il nostro listino prezzi.
      In attesa per la vostra visita!

  17. Haytham 14.03.2016 on 11:09 Reply

    hi again
    v. nice place you have, i was there for 2 times and iam planing to give it another visit .
    but this time i need some thing special
    Could you provide a detailed list of the VIP Fantasy your place provide? and the prices?

    • Noblesse Unic 16.03.2016 on 02:58 Reply

      Hi again Haytham,
      Thanks for letting us know that we do have a nice place.
      We are happy to hear that you want to be our customer again.
      Prices for VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage have been sent to you by email already.
      About half of our girls can take part in this kind of sessions.
      What is all about you can read here
      Basically it is the classic erotic massage topped up with some fantasies, depending of the customer and our availability from that list from the limk provided.
      It is better to do like this:
      – think about what fantasies you would like and about the time of your booking
      – 1 hour before your planned booking phone our reception desk and ask if you book it will be available girls for your fantasy.
      Good luck!

  18. Haytham 11.02.2016 on 01:21 Reply

    I will arrive to Bucharest in two weeks, I am so stressed out and i need to release this tension, are you the right place for that?
    Plz send me your full services price list in english and, the most important, your recommendations .

    • Noblesse Unic 11.02.2016 on 05:35 Reply

      Hi there Haytham,
      We are waiting for your visit in two weeks.
      For sure our girls will manage to release your tension!
      And yes, we sent you already one email with prices.

  19. Simo 01.02.2016 on 01:49 Reply

    we are a married couple coming for weekend vacation to bucharest.
    we read about your spa, wanted to ask if it is only for singles or there is anything for us as a couple and what we can do there?

    i hope you send me e-mail with full details. again take into consideration that we are a married couple.

    • Noblesse Unic 01.02.2016 on 02:31 Reply

      Hi there Simo,
      Our services are not only for singles, but for couples as well.
      You’re welcome as a married couple, and we sent you by email already our full details about couple massage.
      Any couple (married or not) is allowed to try the special couple massage and spa services that we provide!
      See you soon!

  20. Vaso 01.02.2016 on 07:12 Reply

    I would like to know the price of the erotic spa massage.
    Thanks a lot

    • Noblesse Unic 01.02.2016 on 02:29 Reply

      Hello Vaso,
      We already sent you by email info about erotic spa massage prices.
      Have a nice week!

  21. daniel 14.01.2016 on 09:59 Reply

    Buna ziua,
    Va rog respectuos sa-mi transmiteti si mie oferta dvs. cu preturile aferente fiecarui serviciu.
    Multumesc anticipat

    • Noblesse Unic 14.01.2016 on 03:51 Reply

      Buna Daniel,
      Iti multumim pentru ca esti interesat sa ne vizitezi. Ti-am transmis prin email informatiile solicitate despre serviciile de masaj erotic si spa.
      Te asteptam!

  22. ANGELO 08.01.2016 on 12:08 Reply

    buonasera, era possibile avere il listino prezzi via e-mail??

    • Noblesse Unic 08.01.2016 on 02:35 Reply

      Ciao Angelo,
      Abbiamo inviato il listino prezzi dei massaggio erotico per e-mail.

  23. Massimo 30.12.2015 on 10:45 Reply

    Buongiorno, è possibile avere il listino prezzi? siete aperti oggi? grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 30.12.2015 on 02:05 Reply

      Ciao Massimo,
      Aperto oggi 30.12.2015. Abbiamo inviato il listino prezzi per e-mail.

  24. cmm 28.12.2015 on 10:27 Reply

    hi I will be in budapest on 30th december wednesday ..
    I would like to learn prices and make a reservation for that night..Spa+vip massage ..but can you send me all price list and tell me how to book time?? Thank you..

    • Noblesse Unic 28.12.2015 on 04:40 Reply

      Hello there,
      We are in Bucharest not in Budapest.
      Anyway, we hope that you visit Romania, so we sent you all info required for vip fantasy erotic massage by email.

  25. GESOLO 26.12.2015 on 10:15 Reply


    • Noblesse Unic 26.12.2015 on 01:15 Reply

      Hi there Gesolo,
      Bucharest is a nice city, you will love it!
      Our top-model girls are famous in the area. And Vip Fantasy Erotic Massage is a type of service that we perform with a lot of success.
      I sent you one email about prices, and we’ll wait for you!

  26. Alin P. 20.12.2015 on 03:15 Reply

    As dori preturile. Multumesc.

    • Noblesse Unic 20.12.2015 on 09:08 Reply

      Buna Alin,
      Ti-am trimis un email cu preturile la serviciile de masaj si spa erotic pe care le oferim.

  27. Roberto 16.12.2015 on 06:12 Reply

    30/31/1 siete aperti.
    I prezzi per S.p.A e massaggi?

    • Noblesse Unic 17.12.2015 on 08:29 Reply

      Ciao ROberto,
      Orari di apertura di festa invernali si puo trovare in pagina Promozione e Notizie.
      30 – aperto, 31/1 chiuso
      Ti aspetto!

  28. francesco m. 23.11.2015 on 08:58 Reply

    Salve, saremo a Bucarest dal 27 al 30 di novembre e vorrei avere informazioni riguardo la spa e il massaggio erotico, dal momento che alloggeremo nella old town. Grazie Francesco

    • Noblesse Unic 29.11.2015 on 01:55 Reply

      Ciao Francesco,
      Siamo aperti nel periodo si visita Bucarest.
      Vi aspettiamo per la vostra visita. A proposito di prezzi, che vi abbiamo inviato una e-mail.
      Centro storico (old town) è molto vicino al nostro club.

  29. Mike 18.11.2015 on 12:45 Reply

    Hi, do you have vip erotic massage space for Thursday 19 evening between 8pm and 10pm but Not sure of time yet. Is it possible to call in? I would like a b2b massage, strip tease / lap dance and erotic show, What is price for this please? Thanks.

    • Noblesse Unic 22.11.2015 on 04:27 Reply

      Hello Mike,
      We received your comment very late, apologies for not being able to answer you in time.
      Body to body massage, striptease/lap-dance and erotic show are all possible during a session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage.
      About the pricing and other details, we sent you one email.

  30. Tony 13.11.2015 on 06:19 Reply

    I will be in town next month, I want to ask if you can send me your price list.
    Thanks good job

    • Noblesse Unic 14.11.2015 on 01:48 Reply

      Hello Tony,
      We already sent the erotic massage and spa price list to your email address.
      Ww are waiting for your visit!

  31. Claudio 04.11.2015 on 07:49 Reply

    Dovrei venire a Bucarest il 21 e il 22 Novembre e vorrei avere il listino dei massaggi e della Spa.
    Vorrei anche sapere quale hotel è vicino a voi.
    Ciao e grazie per la risposta.

    • Noblesse Unic 05.11.2015 on 08:04 Reply

      Ciao Claudio,
      Ti abbiamo inviato via e-mail il listino prezzi per il massaggio erotico e spa.
      Tutti gli hotel da centro sono vicini a noi, 5-10 minuti in taxi.
      Ci aspettiamo la vostra visita presto!

  32. Dan 09.10.2015 on 04:17 Reply

    Buna ziua. V-am vizualizat site-ul si as fi interesat de un masaj erotic. Am urmatoarele intrebari si va intreb extrem de serios:
    1. Masajul este cu finalizare ?
    2.Este posibil ca in timpul sedintei de masaj sa ating maseuza cu fata in zonele ei erogene? Ex cu gura pe sani. fund vagin etc.
    3. Daca acest lucru e posibil, cat m-ar costa o astfel de sedinta incluzand cele de mai sus ?

    Astept raspunsul dvs. . Rog seriozitate si confidentialitate.

    Va multumesc,


    • Noblesse Unic 10.10.2015 on 06:29 Reply

      Buna Dan,
      Poti sa contezi pe seriozitatea si confidentialitatea noastra. Da masajul este cu finalizare, iar atingerea maseuzei de catre client este permisa. Zonele erogene ale persoanelor difera, insa nu sunt permise atingeri in zonele intime. Cred ca tie ti s-ar potrivi o sedinta de masaj erotic VIP Fantezie. Ti-am trimis si un email. Te asteptam!

  33. stefano 21.09.2015 on 09:29 Reply

    domani sarò a bucarest ,
    mi piacerebbe avere i prezzi e dettagli per un Massaggio Erotico Body – classico nei dettagli , con 2 ragazze e show



    • Noblesse Unic 21.09.2015 on 03:16 Reply

      Ciao Stefano,
      Ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail per quanto riguarda il nostro listino prezzi per i massaggi erotici.
      Stiamo aspettando la vostra visita domani!

  34. ALI 03.08.2015 on 10:39 Reply

    Please be kind and send me the details and price list. Thx.

    • Noblesse Unic 04.08.2015 on 02:21 Reply

      Hiya Ali,
      You can find all the details about our services on this website.
      The price list of erotic massage and spa services have been sent to you email address.

  35. Hassan 30.07.2015 on 07:55 Reply

    Please send me ur rate list

    • Noblesse Unic 31.07.2015 on 04:45 Reply

      Hello Hasan,
      Our details about erotic massage and prices have already been sent to your email address.
      We are waiting for your visit!

      • hasan 22.08.2015 on 07:55 Reply

        i dindt get it please send me again

        • Noblesse Unic 23.08.2015 on 12:55 Reply

          Hello Hasan,
          We already sent you the requested price list and as well answered to your comment on Erotic SPA page.
          Answering all comments and emails can take us sometimes up to 24 hours, so please phone our reception desk if you need any faster info or if you would like to book one appointment.

  36. john 19.07.2015 on 01:13 Reply

    Hello , i would like to know are we allow to have foot fetish in your place with one of your masseuse? and am i allow to massage ?

    • Noblesse Unic 19.07.2015 on 04:20 Reply

      Hello John,
      Yes, you are allowed to have food fetish in our place. You must to pay a session of VIP Fantasy Erotic Massage to get this fetish done.
      Some masseuses will allow customers to massage them, but this depends of the girls available when you visit.

  37. Deen 02.07.2015 on 07:19 Reply

    Please send me your price list. I will like to visit tonight with my wife.

    • Noblesse Unic 02.07.2015 on 11:23 Reply

      Hello Deen,
      We already sent you by email the requested info about erotic massage for couples.

  38. Alex 21.05.2015 on 01:37 Reply


    I am coming to Bucharest on Sunday and I would like to visit for a massage. I am wondering how much is the cost for a erotic massage or the erotic spa? Thanks.

    • Noblesse Unic 22.05.2015 on 07:23 Reply

      Hello Alex,
      We wish you a nice trip to Bucharest. We sent you one email regarding our erotic massage & spa prices!

  39. Varun 14.05.2015 on 08:33 Reply

    I’d like to know prices for massage with spa, Could you sent them to my mail address?

    • Noblesse Unic 15.05.2015 on 01:29 Reply

      Hello Varun,
      Thanks a lot for you inquiry. We sent our details and prices for erotic massage and spa services to your email address!

  40. Giuseppe 14.05.2015 on 06:26 Reply

    Buona sere siamo tre colleghi, siamo a Bucarest per questa sera vorremmo conoscere disponibilità delle ragazze e specifica, io giuseppe vorrei sapere se oltre massaggio si puo avere altro compreso rapporto anale, ciao grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 15.05.2015 on 03:28 Reply

      Buona sera.
      Si può avere solo massaggio erotico, il rapporto anale non è consentito.

  41. Serdar 02.05.2015 on 06:58 Reply

    Could you please send me the service and price list. Thank you.

    • Noblesse Unic 04.05.2015 on 03:02 Reply

      Hello Stef,
      With a bit of delay, sorry for this, we sent you the requested price list by email.

    • Noblesse Unic 04.05.2015 on 03:08 Reply

      Hi there Serdar,
      With a bit of delay, sorry for this, we sent you the list of prices and services for erotic massage.

  42. jake 27.04.2015 on 01:06 Reply

    Please can you send me the prices of your massages?

    • Noblesse Unic 28.04.2015 on 12:47 Reply

      Hello Jake,
      Thank you for inquiring about prices.
      We sent you an email regarding price list of erotic massage and spa services.

  43. Ricki 23.04.2015 on 03:58 Reply

    I wanna visit Bucharest next week, and I have a good impression about your website and I would like to know the prices of your services please.
    Thank you.

    • Noblesse Unic 26.04.2015 on 04:05 Reply

      Hello Ricki,
      Thanks for your appreciation shown to our website. Sorry for a bit of delay, you have prices sent to your email!

  44. Anselmo 21.04.2015 on 11:27 Reply

    Sarò a Bucarest nei prossimi giorni, potrei conoscere il costo dei vostri servizi? È possibile pagare in euro?

    • Noblesse Unic 26.04.2015 on 11:25 Reply

      Ciao Anselmo,
      Sì, è possibile pagare in euro. Abbiamo inviato il listino prezzi per email.

  45. AlexandruC 17.04.2015 on 09:43 Reply

    Buna ziua, m-ar interesa tarifele pentru Erotic Spa si Erotic VIP Fantezie. Astazi, ce program aveti? Ce fete sunt dupa amiaza? Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 26.04.2015 on 10:16 Reply

      Buna Alexandru,
      Pentru programul fetelor, tarife sau programari, cel mai repede afli sunand la receptie sau consultand pagina Promotii si Noutati.
      Ti-am trimis si un email. Te asteptam!

  46. vlad 11.04.2015 on 01:58 Reply

    buna seara . As dori sa imi trimiteti o lista cu preturile pe care le practicati atat pt serviciile salonului cat si pt bar . Va multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 12.04.2015 on 03:34 Reply

      Vlad, si noi iti multumim pentru interesul acordat. Ti-am trimis pe email lista de preturi pentru serviciile de masaj erotic si de bar. Te asteptam!

  47. NEAL 04.04.2015 on 07:14 Reply

    I would like to visit April 5, 2015, for my first time. Please tell me the cost of the erotic massage classic for walk in customers? 1 older woman please around 1:00pm. I am 49 yrs old.

    • Noblesse Unic 05.04.2015 on 12:36 Reply

      Hello Neal,
      Congratulations for choosing our erotic massage parlor.
      We sent you the details requested by e-mail.

      • Noblesse Unic 05.04.2015 on 11:10 Reply

        Neal, the email address you provided is wrong. Please correct your email address in order to receive info from us.

  48. zid 02.04.2015 on 11:08 Reply

    Devo venire a bucarest fra 15 giorni volevo sapere i prezzi dei massaggi grazie a presto

    • Noblesse Unic 03.04.2015 on 12:06 Reply

      Ciao Zid,
      Complimenti per la scelta noi.
      Circa i prezzi, abbiamo inviato una e-mail.

  49. David 29.03.2015 on 03:17 Reply

    Hi, I’d like to know your prices for more than one hour, and with 2girls.
    Thank you.
    Best regards

    • Noblesse Unic 30.03.2015 on 07:47 Reply

      Hi David,
      I hope our email sent to you solved your unanswered questions about our erotic massage services.

  50. Jim 19.03.2015 on 10:17 Reply

    Hello there, do you have outcall service to hotel in central bucharest ? And if so what are your prices ? And can I choose a girl from a list of pictures you have ? Thanks….a prompt reply would be appreciated 😉

    • Noblesse Unic 20.03.2015 on 03:47 Reply

      Hello Jim,
      Of course you can choose a girl from our list, all our profiles and photos are real.
      About prices and outcall services, we sent you one email!

  51. CHOI 09.03.2015 on 06:32 Reply

    Dear I am a Korean man living in Bucharest, Romania.
    You don’t send the maseuse girl to my house?
    Reply by email pls.

    • Noblesse Unic 10.03.2015 on 09:28 Reply

      Hello Choi,
      About your request regarding our outcall erotic massage service, we sent one email.

  52. mihai 02.03.2015 on 08:55 Reply

    Buna seara
    Arr fi prima oara cand vin la un astfel de masaj, asa ca nu stiu la ce sa ma auzit numai lucruri bune. As vrea o lista de preturi pt ca nu am gasit pe site. Multumesc

    • Noblesse Unic 03.03.2015 on 03:59 Reply

      Buna Mihai,
      Ti-am trimis deja un email cu informatiile solicitate despre masaj erotic. Si ne bucuram ca ai auzit numai lucruri bune!

  53. Federico 25.02.2015 on 06:55 Reply

    I am coming to Bucarest in two days. I want to know all prices and all type of massages.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Noblesse Unic 25.02.2015 on 11:40 Reply

      Ciao Federico,
      I dettagli richiesti sul nostro centro massaggi erotici sono stati inviati al vostro email address.

  54. Andy 08.02.2015 on 01:15 Reply

    I’d like to make an appointment at 3 PM today

    • Noblesse Unic 10.02.2015 on 03:53 Reply

      Hi again Andy,
      We only accept same day appointments by phone to our reception desk numbers.
      Please call us 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance to your visit. Thanks

  55. Andy 08.02.2015 on 01:12 Reply

    Hello, my name is Andy and I’ll be in Bucarest .
    I’d like to know prices for massage with spa, and prices of others kind of massage.
    Could you sent them to my mail address?

    • Noblesse Unic 10.02.2015 on 03:51 Reply

      Hello Andy,
      Thank you for choosing our location.
      We already forwarded you one email regarding the prices for erotic spa, erotic massage and other type of massage that we offer.

  56. Mario 18.01.2015 on 01:45 Reply

    Hello, my name is Mario and I’ll be in Bucarest next week.
    I’d like to know prices for massage with spa, and prices of others kind of massage.
    Could you sent them to my mail address?

    • Noblesse Unic 18.01.2015 on 10:33 Reply

      Hello Mario,
      Congratulations for your intention to have Erotic SPA and massage in our club. We wish you a great time in Bucharest. We sent you one email regarding our price list.

  57. Meir 13.01.2015 on 10:35 Reply

    I’m coming next week with my wife and would like more details on what you can offer for us and at what prices/ Thanks

    • Noblesse Unic 17.01.2015 on 03:09 Reply

      Hello Meir,
      We are waiting for you to discover our very special erotic massage for couples. We sent details to your email address.

  58. Alex 08.01.2015 on 12:45 Reply

    Buna, imi puteti trimite preturile actuale,nu sunt pe site ?..Mersi

    • Noblesse Unic 10.01.2015 on 01:14 Reply

      Buna Alex, ti-am trimis pe email preturile actuale de la serviciile de masaj erotic. Te asteptam!

  59. misteroit 29.12.2014 on 11:15 Reply

    Salve, sarò a Bucarest domani fino a metà gennaio , avrei grande piacere di conoscere i servizi vip e prezzi , anche sapere se fate servizio in hotel o appartamento
    Potrei avere un vostro listino per favore ?

    • Noblesse Unic 30.12.2014 on 02:07 Reply

      Ti abbiamo inviato via e-mail il nostro listino prezzi per i servizi di massaggi erotici e fantasia vip.
      Vi auguriamo un ottimo soggiorno a Bucarest!

  60. zaid g 28.12.2014 on 08:01 Reply

    Can you please send me the price list, will you be open on newyear day?

    • Noblesse Unic 28.12.2014 on 09:12 Reply

      Hello Zaid. We sent you our comprehensive list of prices for erotic massage. Our festive opening hours are posted on the website already, on the home page. Happy winter holidays!

  61. Adamo 08.12.2014 on 10:07 Reply

    Hi, I want to know the price of a massage for one hour with two girls . Thanks !

    • Noblesse Unic 09.12.2014 on 03:44 Reply

      Hi, we already sent you our full price list. You may now enjoy erotic massage with 2 girls!

  62. angelo 17.11.2014 on 01:33 Reply

    Salve, vorrei sapere il prezzo di un massaggio di un ora con due ragazze . Grazie!

    • Noblesse Unic 18.11.2014 on 01:25 Reply

      Ciao Angelo, grazie per la vostra intenzione di utilizzare i nostri servizi di massaggio erotico. Ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail sui prezzi.

  63. nicholas 11.11.2014 on 05:30 Reply

    Ciao, il 15 sono di passaggio a Bucarest, volevo sapere il prezzo della spa erotica e del massaggio vip. Grazie!

    • Noblesse Unic 13.11.2014 on 04:34 Reply

      Ciao, ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail di risposta alle tue domande.

  64. Andy 03.11.2014 on 10:35 Reply


    Can you send me the pricelist ? I am going to visit Bucharest in next mid November.


    • Noblesse Unic 05.11.2014 on 03:40 Reply

      Hello Andy,
      Take warm clothes, Bucharest can be quite cool in mid November!
      We sent you the price list by email. Have fun Romania!

  65. Skumi 29.10.2014 on 03:07 Reply

    Hello, can you send me the price list? Thanks.

    • Noblesse Unic 30.10.2014 on 02:04 Reply

      Hello Skumi,
      You have already all information requested sent to your email address.

  66. Andy 23.10.2014 on 07:43 Reply

    Hello, can you send me the price list and tell me if I can touch the body of the girls while the erotic massage session?

    • Noblesse Unic 24.10.2014 on 05:41 Reply

      Hello Andi,
      Yes, it is allowed to touch the girls while the massage session. About the price list, we sent you an email.

  67. mark 15.10.2014 on 07:13 Reply

    Hello, can you send me the price list? Thanks.

    • Noblesse Unic 16.10.2014 on 01:37 Reply

      Hello Mark,
      We already sent you one email the the address provided. You’ll find there informations about our erotic massage services, together with the actual rates for each of them.

  68. sammuel 11.10.2014 on 01:27 Reply

    I am interested about the vip fantasy massage. Can you provide me the price and can you tell which girl is available and if i can kiss her and lick her …. while the massage session.

    • Noblesse Unic 11.10.2014 on 03:20 Reply

      Hello Sammuel,
      The availability of the girls depends of the time of the arrival, it is always better to phone our reception at least 30 minutes before your visit to book us. During VIP Fantasy, you may kiss and lick the girl, but only certain girls accept this, is better to talk about this with the receptionist when you choose the girl, before the massage. About the prices we sent you one email.

  69. Charlie 08.10.2014 on 03:53 Reply

    Vorrei conoscere i prezzi dei vari servizi. Grazie.

    • Noblesse Unic 08.10.2014 on 06:14 Reply

      Ciao Charlie, ti abbiamo inviato già una e-mail.

  70. Michele 07.10.2014 on 03:43 Reply

    Salve 16 /10 farò un giro a bucarest vorrei sapere un po di prezzi ?? Grazie! !

    • Noblesse Unic 07.10.2014 on 03:32 Reply

      Ciao Michele, ti abbiamo inviato già una e-mail con tutti di prezzi.
      Update:Michele, l’e-mail fornito non è valido, si prega di fornire un indirizzo email corretto

  71. Marco 06.10.2014 on 05:34 Reply

    Sarò a Bucuresti dal 27 al 31.
    Mi piacerebbe sapere qualcosa di più sui costi e sulla possibilità di avere un massaggio in cui è possibile massaggiare la ragazza. Possibile?

    • Noblesse Unic 07.10.2014 on 01:12 Reply

      Ciao Marco, ti abbiamo inviato già una e-mail.

  72. Roccia 18.09.2014 on 02:15 Reply

    Prossima settimana sarò in Bucarest.
    Vorrei provare i vs servizi che l’Erika, nonstante il viso non si vede, mi è piaciuta fisicamente. Mi piacerebbe ad avere dei servizi come: – vestita da studentessa con la giartierra nera a rete, – i capelli fatti pigtail, – massaggio vero rilassante con olio, – e in finale massaggio erotico.
    Mi fate sapere se posso avere questi servizi e se si il costo?

    • Noblesse Unic 18.09.2014 on 09:24 Reply

      Ciao, ti abbiamo inviato già una e-mail.

  73. sh 06.09.2014 on 06:05 Reply

    what are your prices ?thank you

    • Noblesse Unic 06.09.2014 on 03:56 Reply

      Hi there Sh! Already sent full price list onto your email address provided!

  74. Antonio 13.08.2014 on 12:33 Reply

    Buongiorno, sarò a Bucarest nel mese di settembre ed avrei grande piacere a trascorrere un po’ del mio tempo libero con le ragazze del vostro salone. Mi piace molto il body massage sensuale magari fatto da una bellissima ragazza, quindi penso che il Vip Top Model possa essere quello che fa al caso mio.
    Se poi fate anche il girlfriends experience sarebbe ancora meglio.
    Potrei avere un vostro listino prezzi per favore ?

    • Noblesse Unic 14.08.2014 on 01:34 Reply

      Antonio, le vostre intenzioni sono molto buoni. Abbiamo già inviato una e-mail riguardante le vostre richieste.

  75. Demir 03.08.2014 on 01:40 Reply

    Hi, I’ll be in Bucharest 21 August. I want price list and which do you recommend your massage service.

    • Noblesse Unic 05.08.2014 on 06:50 Reply

      Hello Demir,
      We are sure you will have a great time in August in Bucharest.
      Summers are very nice in Romania.
      We sent you already one email regarding your requests.

  76. Tomas 28.07.2014 on 06:57 Reply

    Excellent service! Definitely coming back! The location is great and the staff are very polite and friendly.

  77. Jim 30.06.2014 on 03:23 Reply

    My wife and I will be arriving in Bucharest about 10 July. We are interested in a sensual nude or at least topless massage at our hotel which will be the Hilton, downtown. Can you please confirm the cost, will you accept dollars or credit cards, and how much notice we must give before someone can come to our hotel? Also, if we wanted to come to your location, what is the cost.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    • Noblesse Unic 01.07.2014 on 07:34 Reply

      Hello Jim. As a couple, you both may have a very nice nude body to body erotic massage in our location, topped up with great passion from our girls. You may pay in USD or with credit card, as about the cost and other details, we sent you one email.

    • Noblesse Unic 01.07.2014 on 08:00 Reply

      Jim, the email address you provided —-@s– is not working, please get back to us with a correct email

  78. Salvo Bassoni 13.06.2014 on 11:53 Reply

    Good morning! Next 26th of june I’ll be in Bucarest and I’d like to have some relax in jacuzzi and a good massage. Can I know the price? Can I also know the price for a double massage?
    Thank you very much

    • Noblesse Unic 14.06.2014 on 04:05 Reply

      Ciao Salvo! You can relax in our location as long as you wish, we sent you one email about the details regarding your planed visit!

  79. Ben 08.04.2014 on 05:12 Reply


    Vorro a Bucharest il 16 aprile. Volevo trascorrere 3-4 ore di Top Vip Massagi spa. Mi piace di perdersi per un po nelle mani e corpo delle ragaze, senza leggi, senza pudore…
    Ditemi il vostro meglio massagio..ditemi anche un prezo.

    Distinti saluti


    • Noblesse Unic 10.04.2014 on 12:50 Reply

      Che ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail circa le vostre richieste.

  80. Andre 28.02.2014 on 11:05 Reply

    settimana prossima sono di passaggio a Bucarest. Ho visto il vostro sito e mi piacerebbe usufruire del vostro servizio SPA Erotico. Sapete dirmi il costo e la durata?


    • Noblesse Unic 01.03.2014 on 04:15 Reply

      Il servizio Erotico SPA è parte di un pacchetto di 2 ore.
      Ti abbiamo inviato e-mail dai prezzi e altri dettagli.

  81. Francesco 20.02.2014 on 09:35 Reply

    Buona sera,

    Vorrei avere qualche info in più se era possibile organizzare un massaggio erotico con 2 ragazze top Vip, con ambientazione fetish, durante la cui sessione ci sia la possibilità di un gioco basato su massaggi e solletico.
    Volevo sapere se ci sono delle ragazze Vip che amano solleticare ed esser solleticate durante un gioco di ruolo sexi, dove io è 1 ragazza solletichiamo l altra, e poi si invertono i ruoli e loro solleticano e massaggio me, fino poi a farmi venire masturbandomi con mani e piedi mentre mi solleticano sotto i piedi!!!

    Che prezzo ha una sessione di questo tipo?



    • Noblesse Unic 21.02.2014 on 02:48 Reply

      Ciao Francesco,
      La tua fantasia può diventare realtà nel nostro salone di massaggio erotico.
      Il prezzo per questo sarebbe (inviata via e-mail) per ora e il servizio è denominato VIP Fantasia massaggio erotico con 2 ragazze.

      Ti aspettiamo!

  82. NICOLA 23.08.2013 on 09:40 Reply


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