April 2021

1. Camelia
2. Lavinia
3. Sabrina

Top drawing rules:
Because your opinion is the first priority for us, we want our services to be top quality.
First of all, we want every client to communicate with the receptionist, after the massage, and to speak honestly about the quality of the services they had.
Sometimes, our guests on departure are offered to fill in an online feedback form.
On the form, are nominated according to appearance, behavior, and quality of massage, masseuses girls who were pleasing to our customers.
The first three places are published in this top, as a recognition of their professionalism.

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  1. nino 30.09.2017 on 11:43 Reply

    hello Katy,
    i am interested.
    Could You present your program and a fee?

    • Noblesse Unic 01.10.2017 on 01:17 Reply

      Hello Nino,
      We sent you via e-mail Katy’s working schedule and also our full price list. See you soon!

  2. Michel 31.07.2017 on 03:17 Reply

    Hello. Can I receive the price list with the services that the girls provide?

    • Noblesse Unic 31.07.2017 on 01:00 Reply

      Hello Michel,
      We already sent you via email our price list for erotic massage and spa services.
      See you around!

  3. Candelor 24.03.2017 on 12:13 Reply

    Hello, I would like to experience a good massage, maybe 4 hands is it possible?
    Could you send me a pricelist?

    • Noblesse Unic 24.03.2017 on 05:35 Reply

      Hello there,
      Of course, it is possible 4 hands in our massage parlor.
      We have many beautiful masseuses ready to perform this service.
      We sent you an email regarding prices.

  4. Raj 08.02.2017 on 11:35 Reply

    Hello – I got the top model massage with Eva. The first time was very good and I am planning the same top model massage if I come again.

    • Noblesse Unic 08.02.2017 on 06:34 Reply

      Hello Raj,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      See you next time!

  5. James Davies 22.01.2017 on 10:12 Reply


    I will be in Bucharest 29 January and would like to book a session with Francesca or someone equally beautiful. Please let me know availability to come to my hotel. Please also confirm price for a one hour sensual massage.



    • Noblesse Unic 23.01.2017 on 05:03 Reply

      Hello James,
      We are glad that you plan to visit us. We have many beautiful girls, in our top-model section, and other masseuses are very nice also, as you can see from our website. Just call us to book on that day and, depending on the girl’s schedule, we’ll recommend a suitable one for you. About other details and prices, we sent you an email.

  6. matteo 18.01.2017 on 06:26 Reply

    buonasera, domani sarò a bucarest con 3 amici e siamo intenzionati a venirvi a trovare. Puo mandarmi una mail con i prezzi cosi ci organizziamo al meglio! attendo risposta grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 19.01.2017 on 02:48 Reply

      Buona sera, che ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail con le informazioni richieste.

  7. Giulio 20.07.2016 on 09:58 Reply

    Ciao a tutti, venerdì sarò a Bucarest con un mio amico per 3 giorni. Verremo a trovarvi, volevo sapere se è possibile avere prezzi e servizi via mail.
    E’ possibile fare solo massaggi, o c’è anche jacuzi e altro?
    Grazie mille.
    Dear all, I’ll be in bucarest for the next weekend. I’d like to receive you pricelist and services via mail, is it possibile?
    There is only massage service or jacuzi also?

    • Noblesse Unic 23.07.2016 on 01:50 Reply

      Hello Giulio,
      You can have only the massage if you want, or you can choose our spa package with jacuzzi, sauna, and massage.
      It is up to you. I sent you the prices via e-mail.

  8. Raf 31.05.2016 on 12:07 Reply

    Ciao , sarò da voi il 1 e il 2 luglio ,sarei interessato a Francesca e Aida
    mi fate sapere i prezzi di queste 2 ragazze?

    • Noblesse Unic 02.06.2016 on 11:02 Reply

      Ciao Raf,
      Grazie per la pianificazione a farci visita.
      Aida non funziona più per noi.
      Ma Francesca è ancora il nostro top-model ragazza.
      A proposito di prezzi, che ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail.

  9. Robert 16.05.2016 on 12:39 Reply

    I am looking for the masseuse with the largest natural breasts. Who will this be, and what is her schedule?

    • Noblesse Unic 16.05.2016 on 02:06 Reply

      Hello Robert,
      We always have girls with large breasts.
      If we post the info here, it might be outdated if we change the masseuses, so it is better to email you our actual ladies with this criteria.
      Have a nice week!

  10. Tony 14.03.2016 on 08:54 Reply

    Arrivo con un amico questo weekend, vorrei sapere il vostro prezzo per 2 ore privato, servizio completo. Grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 16.03.2016 on 03:04 Reply

      Ciao Tony,
      Ti abbiamo inviato l’elenco dei nostri servizi, insieme con i prezzi, per e-mail!

  11. marian 29.05.2015 on 12:46 Reply

    Felicitari fetelor pentru profesionalism si tinuta. Ofera o experienta inegalabila!

  12. Davide 27.05.2015 on 10:45 Reply

    Ciao domani pomeriggio sarò a Bucarest e vorrei venire nel vostro salone. Mi potreste dare orari e prezzi dei vari pacchetti. Grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 29.05.2015 on 01:37 Reply

      Ciao Davide! A proposito di prezzi e dettagli, ti abbiamo inviato una e-mail!

  13. Alessandro 09.02.2015 on 03:34 Reply

    Ciao, sarò a fine mese con degli amici, siamo tutti e quattro interessati al vostro salone, ma ci piacerebbe sapere i prezzi dei massaggi. Grazie

    • Noblesse Unic 10.02.2015 on 03:59 Reply

      Ciao Alessandro,
      Complimenti per la scelta noi.
      Siamo lieti di dare il benvenuto tutti e quattro nel nostro salone di massaggio erotico.
      Circa i prezzi, abbiamo inviato una e-mail.

  14. massaggi torino 22.05.2014 on 04:09 Reply

    che belle ragazze!

    • Noblesse Unic 23.05.2014 on 09:31 Reply


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