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We are OPEN following the Romanian Government Covid-19 Secure Guidelines.
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Dear customers,

As you know, Romania is on ALERT STAGE starting with May 15, 2020.

As the law allows, we OPENED at the Noblesse Unic erotic massage salon and we have made efforts to ensure that our activity is carried out with minimal risks.

It is safe to visit us and we would like to present on this page the measures we apply to reduce the epidemiological risk associated with coronavirus.

We understand that it was a strange and difficult situation for us all to stay in the house as long as possible, without having contact with anyone other than those with whom we lived. And that it is a major change and maybe stress, a fear, to approach someone now, especially as it is in massage, where it is actually about touch.

You may be worried that massage is a body maintenance activity in which you stay in close contact with the masseuse for a long time, but we assure you that we know what we are doing and take care of your health and that of our employees.

Noblesse Unic constantly complies with applicable legal regulations and has strived to achieve Covid-19 SAFE location status.

We will detail here the steps we followed to reopen and what is needed for your visit to take place safely.

Law no. 1731/832/2020 of the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Health, on measures to prevent contamination with the new SARS CoV-2 coronavirus and to ensure the development of activities in conditions of health security in the field of economy, during the alert stage, provides obligations that must be strictly observed:

1. Advance customer planning so that there are no people waiting on the premises.
2. To ensure a minimum area of ​​4 sqm for each client and a minimum distance of 1.5-2 m between any 2 close people.
3. You have hand sanitizer solutions.
4. Customers will check their temperature before being received at the premises. Customer temperature should not exceed 37.3 degrees Celsius. Customers will be informed from the appointment that their temperature will be checked.
5. Employees must always wear gloves and a mask.
6. After each client, staff must disinfect tools and work surfaces, as well as wash and disinfect hands.
7. Protective masks used by staff are changed every 4 hours.
8. The housing must be ventilated as often as possible, within a maximum of 2 hours.
9. The company has the obligation to provide the necessary protective materials and disinfectants.

Even before the reopening, we practically made arrangements to be prepared to operate in the new era dominated by coronavirus and Covid-19.
Thus, we are one step ahead in this struggle.

Together with the professional external service that provides us with services related to safety and health at work (SHW), we proceeded to an analysis of the activity we carry out.

1. We performed a risk analysis for COVID-19.
– thus, we analyzed the environment in which we work and how we can apply the regulations issued by the Romanian Government
– we consulted with our employees regarding their return to work and their concerns about the risks involved.
– we shared the conclusions of the analysis with those involved and we do it here on the site with you, our customers.

2. We have developed cleaning and disinfection procedures, handwashing procedures, and general hygiene.
We decided to increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning by:
– encouraging employees and customers to follow the guidelines on handwashing and hygiene
– providing hand sanitation products around the workplace, at the entrance to the location, as well as near toilets
– frequent cleaning and disinfection of objects and surfaces that are touched regularly
– improving the cleaning for the frequented areas
– clear determination of use and guidance on cleaning toilets
– providing hand dryers – with disposable paper towels for our salon

3. We have helped our employees who can work from home to continue to do so.
These are management and reception activities that can be carried out by phone, email, social media, online, without making it necessary for the employee to be present at the salon.

4. Maintaining a distance of 1.5-2m as a social distance, where possible.
Where possible, we try to maintain 1.5-2 m between people by:
– putting up signs to remind workers and visitors of social distance guidance;
– avoiding the sharing of workstations, respectively of massage rooms in the case of our salon
– using the floor tape to mark the areas to help people keep the recommended distance of 1.5-2m
– arranging one-way traffic through the workplace
– receiving visitors only with prior appointment, in order to avoid crowding the location and waiting times.
– visiting us, you will not make close contact except with the masseuse who will perform your massage

5. If people can not stand 1.5-2 m away, we manage the risk of transmission.

If it is not possible for people to be separated by 1.5-2m, we do everything we can to manage the risk of transmission by:
– we consider whether an activity must continue for the business to work
– keeping the activity time involved as short as possible
– using screens or barriers to separate people from each other
– using the placement of employees inside standing back to back or side to side if possible
– longer times allocated for arrival and departure
– reducing the number of people each person has contact with using “fixed teams or partnerships”

In conclusion, we have developed policies to prevent infections with coronavirus or Covid-19 and we have tried to become a location
For the safety of you and our employees and in order to prevent illness:
Our employees:
– SSM Anti Covid-19 were additionally trained before resuming the activity
– show up for work only if they are healthy, have no symptoms of Covid-19 and do not live with someone who has symptoms
– they are sorted epidemiologically at the entrance to the program, through the symptomatology questions, the measurement of the body temperature (thermoscanning).
– respects the social distance of 1.5-2m as much as possible throughout the operation program
– wears gloves and a mask in the interior, the masks are changed after each client with whom he comes into close contact, or at a maximum of 4 hours
– frequently applies body hygiene and location hygiene policies
– we keep in touch with occupational medicine doctors to keep us constantly updated on the procedures to follow

Rules regarding our clients:
We ask clients not to use our services if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or live with someone who has symptoms.
– as far as possible customers are scheduled before coming to us. Scheduling is done online on the site, by phone, by WhatsApp, email, etc.
– on arrival, your body temperature will be measured, and if it is higher than 37.3 degrees C you will be denied access
– you will wear your mouth and nose covered with a mask throughout your stay in the salon
– you will disinfect your hands with the antibacterial gel at the entrance and exit of the salon
– you will disinfect the soles of your shoes on the special press at the entrance
– you will wash your hands before and after using our services
– you will serve drinks only in-room service system
– keep the distance of 1.5-2 meters as much as possible, and respect the areas delimited with signal strips
– pay for the services with the card if you can, because we want to limit cash payments
– you cannot park in the cafe, the duration of the stay inside the salon must be limited as much as possible to the duration of the services we offer
– we do not offer services to groups larger than 3 people

Location rules:
Noblesse Unic Massage & SPA was equipped or accessorized with:
– non-contact infrared thermometer
– classic body thermometers for backup
– disposable masks
– disposable gloves
– disposable soap and paper for wiping hands
– disinfectant gel
– price with chlorine for shoe disinfection
– the areas of social distance were delimited by signal strips
– posters were published regarding the correct wearing of the mask and the correct washing of the hands
– the location is cleaned and disinfected more often, the reception areas, massage rooms, and towels are disinfected before and after each client
– the offices and massage rooms are ventilated for a maximum of 2 hours, or after each client if necessary

Thank you and we look forward to offering you a quality and safe massage!

Page updated on 24.05.2020.

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